Watch What Exactly Your Visitors Are Doing on Your Website for Free

Would you like to have an option to watch what your visitors are doing on your website exactly as if looking over their shoulder? Watching where they click and drag their mouse around or point to with their figure? There is such an opportunity most of Russian digital marketers have been enjoying for years. The […]

How to Make a Quick SEO Budget Estimation

In a moment of inspiration, a great idea may come as enlightenment. And you cannot wait for those long audits and boring analysis. You need to know if it’s worth it at once, if your idea is subject to SEO and what it may cost you. There are a few must steps to be done […]

Quick (and Approximate) SEO Competitors Analysis Example

For simplicity, only 1 key phrase will be used, only top 10 analyzed. I’ve picked the one which is relatively easy and with a low frequency – “wordpress maintenance service”. Please, keep in mind that by the time you are reading this post, the top, frequency, competition and any other data could have changed. But […]

Robots.txt Example for a WordPress Site

Wordpress offers lots of plugins that may make your robots.txt file for you. However, my suggestion is to always make and update it manually. If you don’t want to read all that long staff of why and how – here’s a basic robots.txt example for any Wordpress site. Just don’t forget to change the sitemap address […]

How to Redirect a Domain to Another with htaccess

Redirecting to your domain from another one is a good way to acquire a valuable and comparatively cheap backlink. The easiest way to do that is through .htaccess file. You should download it to your computer (it is usually in the root directory of your site) and edit with a text editor you like. Small […]

When Blogging Is NOT an Opportunity for You

Content marketing is extremely popular in our days. I’ve met recommendations to write an article per day to your blog to achieve success (whatever it means). But let’s face it – it’s not always possible. What Are You Going to Write About? If you are a beginner, why your thoughts should be of any interest […]

Researching & Building SMM Strategy for a Niche B2B Company

If you are a B2B company owner, one day you may decide to get some social media involved to promote your business to your potential clients. (Because everybody’s doing that). If you have no previous experience, you are most likely to address a company specializing on SMM. You are then likely to receive a big […]

100+ Check List for Your Ecommerce UX Design

When you’re blue And you don’t know What to do About your store, Check it here, bro! 😉 Among those 200+ ranking factors in Google, the UX design impacts not only positions, but ecommerce as a whole. Good user-experience will boost your sales, and UX problems may kill them. This is a practical guide on […]

How to add Google Tag Manager to Your WordPress Site

You don’t have to use any plugins at all. The whole process will take you around 5 minutes. If you don’t know where to get your Google Tag Manager code, please, visit this page. Armed with your code, go to your console in WordPress admin panel. Step1 In the menu on the left, choose Appearance […]

How to make it with Google Tag Manager

The best choice for your site analytics in nowadays is to install Google Tag Manager on your site and then manage all the analytics through it. Go to this site: If you don’t have a Gmail account you’d better register one. If you have, then choose the one you will tie to your site […]