SEO for Image Search. The Knowledge Panel Episode 19

Image SEO is a useful technique to increase the visibility of your site or blog post by pasting a relevant image into your content and optimizing it for search in various ways. In order to do this, you need to have good quality images that are relevant to your webpage. Image SEO is often underrated […]

Proactive Online Reputation Management by Working with Google’s Knowledge Graph

Jason Barnard who is a famous Brand SERP guy, came to Ukraine this year. We had a spontaneous walk around Kyiv talking about online reputation management, SEO, knowledge graphs, knowledge vault, digital marketing, PR and everything around that. And recorded most of it and now it’s for you to see on YouTube: Or if you […]

Get off the Ground with Your First Affiliate Project

I’ve asked Craig Campbell, one of the best affiliate marketer out there what other people can do to get successful when they are only beginning their first affiliate project. BTW: go and subscribe to his YouTube channel so that you don’t miss a thing from this cool SEO pro! Full video on YouTube Summary below […]

Small WordPress Based Image SEO Test

Master page to connect different nodes for test needs on the live site. Should not be taken squarely!!!

Blog Post Images Instructions for SEO

This text is an addition to our talk with awesome Jason Barnard on Kalicube Tuesdays. Coding and layout for images Use HTML5 best practices. You can find documentation on img element in HTML Standard. == Specifically, check that image has mandatory alt and src attributes. In short, src attribute should point to your image best […]

Jason Barnard

This was a very small test for podcast which can be also seen in YouTube.   About Jason Barnard Jason Barnard is CEO at Kalicube. Apart from that Jason is a wonderful person and talented SEO professional, he has also a clever and artistic approach towards explaining complex things in simple terms. That also means […]

Expired Domains: Everything You Might Want to Know

This is a text version of Expired Domains video with Kalin Karakehayov. You can view the full episode on YouTube or go on a read it here. Click to see an article on the previous video in the series with Mads Singers. Kalin has more than 10 years of experience in both the domain and […]

SEO Images

Royalty free SEO images below. You can use any of those if you like them. I’m only asking to make an attribution to this post in any convenient way. Can be an URL or anything really if you are making a page on your website. No attribution is required for Social Media posts (but […]

Uploadcare Images Indexing and Kind of Ranking Test

Testing a few features of Uploadcare image service. Image File Size Compressor Testing how image file size compressing works with Uploadcare .

SEO-specialist or Business Owner: Is It Totally Impossible to Be Both?

Had a special honor to talk to Mads Singers recently, a business consultant and coach, especially widely known in the SEO world. As Daryl Rosser once called Mads: literally “Management whisperer” for all leading SEOs out there. Almost whoever comes to your mind. Some of them are talking at SEO Mastery Summit – While […]