SEO companyFajela is a very small company. We’ve got only few people working for the project, thus we don’t take many sites and don’t actively promote ourselves.

It’s a good tone for a digital company to have its own website, however.

Our specialization is SEO auditing. To understand, how your website may bring you money, or traffic, or any other clear goal, we fully research the niche and how your business operates including your website if you currently have one. If you don’t have a website, we develop a thorough and clear plan which will help you to create a good site and promote it in the Internet.

Digital marketing areas we cover in Fajela:

  1. Context and media advertizing (AdSense, Bing, other depending on the country of interest).
  2. SEO (search engine optimization) for Google, Bing or some other search engines we’ve worked with.
  3. Analytics setup and tuning for your business

Feel free to contact us here: seo@fajela.com

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