Custom Plugin for JSON-LD Schema for WordPress

I’m sick and tired of all those plugins, paid and free, where it’s a pain all over the body to do anything. They waste time, they are not good, they produce errors. Manually editing will cost a fortune. I need something simple, effective, but also capable of doing sophisticated tasks when I need it.

I’ll try to build my own plugin today.

What I need to achieve:

  1. Custom schema templates and types for further customization within posts and pages
  2. Normal breadcrumbs paths with categories and subcategories when I have a flat navigation, that is for posts that belong to one or more categories, but have URLs such as
  3. I need some API to query databases such as Wikidata to insert sameAs accordingly with manual curation if extraction is correct.
  4. I need to be able to edit schema in bulk for a group of posts with API or something
  5. Would be good to make those author pages editable normally.

Will may be keep you updated, or not. If you’ve tried something similar and feel like sharing, kindly let me know in Telegram -> @fajela.

Update in April

It appeared, I didn’t have author pages, they were not created at all. So I made a very simple non-optimized php template and also made all my posts lead to my about page on this website. Should be working fine now and will help me with my schema efforts.

For a plugin: I managed to build part of interface and some basic functions with ChatGPT, but it’s only in its intro mode and of course not working properly yet.

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