How to Optimize for Google BARD asked in BARD chat

How to Optimize My Content for Google BARD Chat

It’s still in Beta at the time of writing this post -> .

However, I just checked it a bit. It’s evident that it is using lots of general public sources and ordinary websites. The information is so often inaccurate that it’s making it hard to use. But in the future, it seems the following might work.

  • Ensure BARD knows your website and your brand and this information is correct. If it’s incorrect it might mean that you are either inconsistent throughout your entries across the web, you don’t supply enough data about yourself, or it is somehow picked up wrong. Anyways, it’s useful to know how your company, brand or product are “perceived” by this model.
  • Find out what BARD knows about the topic of your target. And if it uses the words you need it to use when describing something. Does it inform the user or recommend them something you need if they ask?
  • None of us opted in for providing Google with content that we sometimes pay thousands of dollars to the expert writers. And now they’ve just used it for training and not even mentioning us in the output. Thus, revise your content. May be you can change it so that what you’ve written applies to your company or product only. This way, you’ll have less problems when the crawlers copy it for their datasets.
  • Everything mentioned for Bing Chat should actually work as well. Check out my previous article here.
  • And always remember. It’s your data. And you should be the one fully controlling it, not Google. Keep an eye on what they are doing. Unite with other content providers. And withstand BigTech digital imperialism when you can.

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