What is Web3.0 in simple terms

What Is Web 3.0 and What SEOs Should Do with That

How Web Functions

You want to share your information. To do that, you choose a medium. For example, a social network, where you then publish this information. Or it can be something like Reddit or Quora or someone’s website. Or your own website.

You then promote your website, for example, in Google: in nominally free search or with ads.

Social media and Google own your content and do whatever they want with it. They have rules for the content, sometimes you don’t understand how those rules work and sometimes they are acting quite aggressively: they can crawl your content, machine process it, use it for training their language models and their own content generations, as well as for the formation of various databases, knowledge graphs, including those for quick fact checking and formulating quick answers even without references to you. Bard even claims at the moment to generate its own unique content that moreover doesn’t need to refer to anyone. That’s what they are claiming.

You don’t own your content

And similar to every aggressor: be that Google, or Facebook – they constantly point out that it is you who allegedly violates something, manipulates, etc. They ban you, censor you, don’t give visibility to your content, ignore you. You are a criminal, a violator as they try to put it, and they bring light to users. Although this is your content, you created it.

In fact, this is a typical manipulation, substitution of concepts. They are only interested in advertising revenue, this is their business, they protect it.

How Web3.0 or the Semantic Web used to be seen

First, it is not at all the same as Web3. It has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. And it is an unfortunate coincidence that the name is so similar that it can be confused.

Secondly, some people even believe that Web 3.0 and the Semantic Web are somewhat different concepts.

Tim Bernes-Lee – the founder of the web – believes that the main thing we should get from web3.0 is control over our data, our information. And that’s exactly what BigTech will always be opposing. Because we are that very cow that they are milking, we are their product, it is access to our data and its use and sale that allow them to get those extra profits to build their empire and control over us.

Digital imperialism

Web 3.0 was supposed to be based on AI, ML, IoT and blockchain. Tim Bernes-Lee currently suggests not using blockchain because:

  1. It makes the process longer
  2. And the data is not private

But the AI and ML components will be in any case, which we can see now. And the model is offered as decentralized.

What It Means for SEOs

At the time of writing, it is known that none of the language models are connected to knowledge graphs, factual databases. The chat response generation system is based on predicting which word should follow the already generated word. This is how the answer is generated word by word.

In the knowledge graph system, the answer is generated based on data from the knowledge graph.

Perhaps the two systems will somehow be combined, and maybe this will not be necessary if the chats will be used as assistants, who may perform search in different systems.

Since data ownership will become consolidated, the specialist will need to carefully monitor that the data is always up-to-date and correct and is correctly integrated into all kinds of systems and plugins. You may also need to spam the various content systems a bit to get the response you need.

Most likely, the sites will still not disappear, but the visitors number in some cases may decrease significantly. And this might make it difficult to measure the result from SEO.

That is, it is possible that a person will connect their assistant to some database and decide what private data to provide to this system about themselves in order to find an answer to their question. For example, should you want to buy a t-shirt, you specify the color, the size, so that the reviews about it are that it is fashionable this season and that it is very warm. You broadcast it to your digital assistant. It connects to the right database and finds what you need. You don’t go to any website, and you even don’t use a conventional search engine as such.

Therefore, it is definitely necessary to develop technically and analytically, because otherwise you will lose your job.

Video about Web 3.0 for SEOs

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