SEO for Image Search, The Knowledge Panel Episode 19:

SEO for Image Search. The Knowledge Panel Episode 19

Image SEO is a useful technique to increase the visibility of your site or blog post by pasting a relevant image into your content and optimizing it for search in various ways. In order to do this, you need to have good quality images that are relevant to your webpage.
Image SEO is often underrated because most people think that it’s only for image tab in Google. For some businesses, image tab seems to be of no value. Sometimes ranking there won’t bring you leads or conversions. However, optimizing images helps your content in whole not only for image tab. Also for other businesses, ranking in image tab can be vital. In this video, we’ll be talking about all important aspects of SEO for image search in Google.

Hosted by: Dixon Jones.
Roxana Stingu
Karen Julia
Olesia Korobka

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I have my own video about Knowledge Panel with Jason Barnard, where he talks about brand SERP and how to track it as well.

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