Mads Singers

Mads Singers, management coach

Mads Singers is a management coach with over seven years of experience. He has worked with large organizations like Shell and Coca-Cola, as well as small companies, helping entrepreneurs and managers get the most out of their staff. Singers believes that effective people management is the key to success for any organization, regardless of its size.

Mads Singers offers an Effective Management Mastery course to teach the most important management processes, enabling managers to become more effective and help their companies grow and scale. Having worked in large organizations like Xerox and IBM, Mads has had many coaches himself and understands the importance of walking the walk.

Mads Singers spends a maximum of 20% of his time coaching, using the rest of his time to manage some of his other businesses. AristoSourcing is an outsourcing company that specializes in helping clients execute repeatable processes. Client Powerhouse is a local SEO company providing SEO services to smaller local companies in the UK.


Mads Singers often speaks at management and digital marketing conferences and webinars. Mads also organized SEO Mastery Summit in Vietnam in March, 2023.

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