When Blogging Is NOT an Opportunity for You

dreaming to have a popular blog?Content marketing is extremely popular in our days. I’ve met recommendations to write an article per day to your blog to achieve success (whatever it means). But let’s face it – it’s not always possible.

What Are You Going to Write About?

If you are a beginner, why your thoughts should be of any interest to anybody at all? Are you sure you have enough competencies to describe your subject the right way?

The problem is that your blog is not your Twitter account or Facebook profile. If you write an article it should provide some value, worthy information (also unique and applicable). Unless you are a popular person, you’ll see that no one reads your articles. No one comments them. You are alone in your blog for a long time and nobody cares about that. Those bright ideas you’d used to have before, vanished, and you just don’t want to go on.

Many bloggers write vigorously for 3 or even 6 months and then quit exhausted right before becoming successful. If your goal is to get more search traffic, you should prepare to write for a year round for a new site before you may enjoy a good result (if any). If you are looking for a quick growth, writing is not enough – you’d have to use many other tools. Thus,

It Requires Time

Lots of time. All of your time, probably.

look at him and forget you may have such a rest :)Writing an ordinary article may take 2 or 3 hours. Writing a long-read or a good quality article, that covers some topic and develops it at length, may take several days. If you have other work to do, it becomes a problem too. You need a full immersion if you are writing something good, right?

You’ll have to double check facts, find links and proofs, organize data, may be make some examples. You may need time to make or find good images for your article, or info graphics, or create video, or other visuals.

Then you need time to publish your article. You’ll have to arrange your text in a CMS, make tags, categories, titles, h1, h2, alts, description, create a good look and ensure it all loads fast and looks great in mobiles. Big articles may take more than an hour to be arranged.

Right after that you’d want the world to find out you have such a great article on your blog. You’ll have to make posts in social media, perhaps sponsor your posts to attract more visitors to your site and fans to your social pages. You may want to send your article to your subscribers. And though all those tasks don’t take a lot each separately, but they require much time altogether.

Are you ready to invest 4 hours a day for 365 days round?

Hiring Freelancers and Content Writers

One day you may have a great idea: you may write one or two articles a month and hire a freelancer to write other articles for you. There are so many services, including Upwork, Freelancer, iWriter, etc.

It may sound funny, but hiring them also requires lots of time :). You’d want to pay less and get more. They will write something that doesn’t suit you or may fool you with stolen content and other tricks. Good content writing costs money. Depending on the topic, an average (not brilliant) article may cost you 10 USD, 50 USD or even 150 USD. If you try to count how many articles you will need per year, the sum may sound amazing. And still you’ll have to make images and publish the articles (or hire someone for that :)). Yes, there are lots of posts paying 1 dollar per 100 words or so. Well, you should try, just pay those 5 dollars to understand 🙂 – every experience worths something, and 5 dollars is not that much money :).

Other Expenses

blog expenses may seem like thatPutting aside your time, content writing, images and designs, you’ll need to invest into your website right at the start. You will have to buy a domain and hosting – it usually doesn’t cost much, but if you want to have search traffic, you’ll have to do it wisely and invest a bit more. (In any case, don’t use those blogger or weebly sites!!!)

Now you also have to use SSL certificates for your new sites and that adds a bit as well. You may need to hire a programmer to configure it all for you.

Probably, you’ll use WordPress as a CMS for your site. You will try some free themes may be, but you will soon find out that they don’t suit your needs. Then you’ll buy one of those Themeforest (or alike) themes for around 50 USD. Then you will find out that every theme has its own issues (especially from the SEO point of view). You will then need to reconfigure your theme – and it requires lots of time or costs money.

Building links, competitors defense are other expenses you may not acknowledge first, but will have to deal with if you want to be profitable with your blog sooner or later.

If you are not sure, you are ready for the challenge, don’t waste your time. There are too many sites out there. It’s becoming very hard to find really good information in between all those SEO texts. Don’t add your website to all those nameless legions of failures, invest your time wisely! 🙂

Do you want to get more information?

Or perhaps, you need a consultation or any other kind of help?

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