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A good example is worth a thousand words.

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You may request ( a typical technical seo audit report + recommendations + requirements list for a webdeveloper. That’s just an example and the same report for your site will be different.

In short, what we check when doing a technical research of your site performance:

  1. Technical factors that improve indexing, including:
    • All the redirects;
    • txt file and sitemap;
    • 404 and their performance;
    • Site structure and urls;
    • Page indexing (load speed, code, frames, responses, etc);
    • Useful duplicates.
  2. Accounts check (maps, analytics, GWT, etc);
  3. Google Webmaster check;
  4. Navigation.

Onsite Audit Report

As soon as you get your site running like clockwork, real onsite SEO gets into action.

Onsite SEO includes:

  1. Inbound link validation;
  2. Visibility and clickability forecast;
  3. Checking against relevance criteria;
  4. Commercial factors;
  5. Social factors;
  6. Text research and comparison, including:
    • Headers;
    • Text structure;
    • Images and video-content;
    • Snippets;
    • Semantics and keywords.
  7. UX factors.

External SEO Audit

That’s mainly backlinks check. We’ll try to understand backlinking history of your site and get to know what Google and other search engines think about it as well. Perhaps, you’ll need to make your profile healthier, perhaps it’s better to use strategy to reinforce your reputation – we’ll get to know. Your reputation on the market is also very important, as well as your audience engagement, social factors, etc.


Audit Ordering

You may order either full audit or a part of it, depending on your needs. Either use the form below or give us a message here: We’ll get back as soon as possible. In your message, please, include your website, contact information and your needs. If you don’t know what you want, that’s also ok – we may help to understand that as well and provide you with a clear and easy to follow plan of action.

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