Watch What Exactly Your Visitors Are Doing on Your Website for Free

Would you like to have an option to watch what your visitors are doing on your website exactly as if looking over their shoulder? Watching where they click and drag their mouse around or point to with their figure? There is such an opportunity most of Russian digital marketers have been enjoying for years. The […]

How to add Google Tag Manager to Your WordPress Site

You don’t have to use any plugins at all. The whole process will take you around 5 minutes. If you don’t know where to get your Google Tag Manager code, please, visit this page. Armed with your code, go to your console in WordPress admin panel. Step1 In the menu on the left, choose Appearance […]

How to make it with Google Tag Manager

The best choice for your site analytics in nowadays is to install Google Tag Manager on your site and then manage all the analytics through it. Go to this site: If you don’t have a Gmail account you’d better register one. If you have, then choose the one you will tie to your site […]